Video Streaming

TEACHUME Video Streaming

Video learning makes possible!

Videos are bulky. eLearning courses with videos are always a heavy burden to your network, which is the main cause of sluggish performance. With our innovative streaming technology, you can turn bulky videos into the lightest format.

Our streaming solution canseamlessly integrate video into different learning management system, tracking video progress. You can play from where you pause or stop.

TEACHUME Video Streaming is very scalable. It comprises of a streamer and an encoder. You can expand the number of streamers and encoders depending on your needs.


It’s used to present your encoded videos to the audience.

A simple interface to manage video asset. You can activate, deactivate or make private a video.


It’s used to encode your videos into streaming.

You can drag a video for encoding in queues. If you have a lot of videos, you can do batch encoding. If you find a video interesting elsewhere such as YouTube, you can share the videos in your streamer site.

Progress Tracking

All video training now has progress tracking. Administrators can know:

  1. Who view the videos
  2. When users view the videos
  3. What percentage they have completed viewing the videos
  4. How many times they have viewed the videos

Shadow Videos Integrated with LMS

Instead of importing bulking videos into your LMS or e-learning courses, you can embed streaming videos with just a link, which is called shadow video. Using it, you can perform video progress tracking. On the integraded page, users can only play or pause the videos.

There is another exciting feature. In the middle of viewing the video, you close the LMS. The next time you come back, you can go on viewing the video from where you stopped.