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Company Hierarchy

Build your company hierarchy easily according to your country, department and team. You can separate user management and user performance without leaking critical information.

WeChat Integration

Integrate with WeChat using SSO. Users login LMS with their own WeChat accounts.


Digitize your dairy checklist forms. Users can check your checklist items, write comments and submit to your managers for approval. It’s iOS app and Android mobile supported.

Learning Paths

Easily create your learning in a path. You can set compulsory and optional courses with credit points. No matter how many courses you need to attend, all performance is presented in a path progress.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Corporates care about security implement SSO. You can login CSS LMS using your LDAP accounts. Our unique Single Sign On technology can accept 2 different keys from 2 different iDPs.

Integrated Video Streaming

Videos are bulky. Courses with videos are always a heavy burden to your network, which is the main cause of sluggish performance. With our innovative streaming technology, you can turn bulky videos into lightest feather under your own brand,

Mobile App

TEACHUME mobile app supports iOS and Android on all mobile devices and tablets. You can view online and offline courses, view learning path progress and manipulate checklist.

Push Messaging

Secure Push Server is developed and implemented in our premise. Overdue assignments, quiz submissions and course approval push notifications can be notified in mobile devices.

Powerful and Robust Scorm Player

Interactive elearning courses created by Articulate and iSpring are very common. Our powerful and robust scorm player is 100% compliant with scorm industry standard.


Users can receive automatic alerts and emails on new assignments, overdue assignments and course enrolment and also can also send private messages to one another.

WebEx Integration

In addition to online courses, many corporates conduct face-to-face courses via WebEx. Now, you can keep track of participants’ performance and records in one single platform.

Course Progress Tracking

Using Dashboard and reports, users can keep track of their performance and completion of their enrolled courses.

Easy Interactive Course Authoring

Using TEACHUME, you can create interactive course contents, surveys and quizzes with just a few clicks.

Report Generator

In addition to various built-in reports, you can use our report generator to customize your reports according to your requirement.

Data Exchange through API

TEACHUME processes many API functions and has a long history of data exchange with different HR systems such as Success Factor, SAP etc through API.

Zoom Integrated

Now you can conduct Zoom meeting via TEACHUME. All the Zoom data can be shown keeping track of learner’s performance. You can set completion based on their participation time.

Microsoft Teams Integrated

Now you can conduct Microsoft Teams meeting via TEACHUME

Shadow Video Embedding

It’s a big problem of using bulky videos in e-learning courses adversely affecting your network performance. Seamlessly integrate streaming video into LMS, tracking video progress. You can play from where you pause or stop.